Non-Recourse Stock Loans: Access Millions Quickly and Affordably


Do you have a strong stock but are looking for cash for your purchase, investment, and cashflow needs?

Are you looking for a solution to reduce your concentrated risk exposure and solve complex puzzles to instantly achieve your business and life goals?

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No credit checks or tax returns required

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Always low, fixed interest rates

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Almost all major stock exchanges & borrowers around the globe qualify

As the world’s leading private lender in leveraged equity loans for over 13 years, we provide liquidity solutions for executives, public companies, and high net worth individuals all over the world. 

Through our unique non-recourse, non-title transfer stock loans, we allow our clients to access millions in funding by leveraging just their publicly traded stock.

This product is NOT available for U.S. securities (multinational companies may qualify)


To find out more and see if your stock qualifies, please fill out the form below and a member of our team will get back to you shortly.

All qualification calls are free of charge and we do not charge any upfront fees. The borrower and all associated parties are required to show up promptly at your selected time in order to be qualified for our stock loan process.

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Stone Creek Global (SCG) is a Private Capital Firm based out of the BVI operating for over 13 years as the world’s most trusted direct lender specializing exclusively in stock loans internationally. We offer a faster and simpler funding process (typically completed in 1-2 weeks) for our clients than just about any bank worldwide and are a trusted alternative for our clients’ financing needs. All transactions are private and terms are customized every time to meet each clients’ unique needs. At SCG, we work hand in hand with you to protect your stock portfolio and access cash simply, easily, and affordably (with always low, fixed interest rates).

For questions and to see if you qualify, fill out the form above to schedule a call with a member of our team.